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Growths comes physically and within faith...

Discover your spiritual home with us at Crown of Life! God's grace and peace are here for you!

Worship is on Sundays at 8:00 am and 10:30 am.  Weekday service is held on Thursdays at  6:30 pm.

Don't will never miss a Worship Service for Crown of Life. You can always find our current and past Sermons at a click of a button.

Adult Bible Study Groups

Adult Bible Study Groups are important in the following ways. Join us, to not only enjoy God's Word but to share in his faith with others. 
  • Cultural literacy
  • To learn what it says firsthand
  • Personal edification
  • To help others
  • Jesus
  • Because it is God’s Word to us
  • To know God better
  • Avoiding error

Sunday School (Grades 3K - 8th)

Sunday School meets each week from the Sunday after Labor Day weekend through the Sunday before Memorial Day weekend.

Sunday School classes also take a brief break over the weekends surrounding the Christmas and New Year's holidays.
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