Supply List for 2020 School Year

Kindergarten     (Mrs. Adams)

*8 or more #2 pencils (no mechanical)

*1 Eraser pink rectangle(no cap   erasers)

*1 scissor (Fiskars) child size

*2 Crayola Crayons boxes (16 count)

*5 regular or 3 jumbo –  Glue Sticks

*2 boxes of classic broad  

    Crayola Markers (must have black) 

*2 pack of Wet Ones or similar brand

*1 highlighter pen

*1- 4oz. Elmer’s glue (not gel)

*1 standard school box (hard sided)

*2 wide line, spiral notebooks (70ct)

*1 box of Kleenex

*1 art shirt

*gym shoes (non marking)

* 1 folder with pockets

*Optional* Spare clothes, including underwear & socks(please put in ziplock bag)


**Crayola and Elmer brands work the best and last the longest**